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Testimonials from some of our consulting customers from the AWS TTM (Targeted Transformation Module)

"The CEE workshop brought us important knowledge and we were able to improve cloud processes and projects. The partnership with AWS has been fundamental to the improve the success of our cloud services."
Maurício Costa Melo - CEO of Techne (Brazil)


We are very happy with the insights shared and the perfect timing as we are working on building offers for the APN. The CEE helped to create a united front for process changes, avoiding rework due to the convergence of issues.

Rafael Canto - CTO of KXP Consulting (Brazil)


"The workshop has allowed us to assess the state of our operation against a very coherent and structured framework. From that assessment, we have identified opportunities for improvement and elements that must be aligned to achieve our strategic objectives as AWS Distributors. Our thanks go to Jorge, as our consultant in this workshop, for presenting us with this framework and solving our doubts"
Víctor Ledezma - Business Developer & Cloud Consultant at Licencias Online (Mexico)


"It was a very detailed workshop with all the steps needed to do an agile implementation of the CEE"
Katy Alcoser - Partner Development Manager at Kyndryl (Peru)

"We are very happy to achieve AWS Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) and Cloud Enablement Engine (CEE) accreditation! This achievement is the result of Advance's extensive support and AWS's know-how, which enabled a comprehensive and rich accreditation process. Gotobiz is committed to evolving its cloud managed services practices by following AWS best practices. We express affection and gratitude to our partner Advance and to AWS for leading Gotobiz in this achievement"
Ana Cristina Pochmann Mairesse - Director of Gotobiz (Brazil)

"Attending the Cloud Enablement Engine (CEE) workshop was a transformative experience for me and my team. Deepening our understanding of CEE and how to apply best practices was key to optimizing our operation and maximizing the benefits of the cloud. The insights shared by Advance's experts gave us a clear vision of the way forward and empowered us to deal with challenges more assertively. We are excited to apply the knowledge gained and reap the rewards of this successful journey in the cloud with AWS!"
Kayo Faria - Principal at Ilia Digital (Brazil)


"The process was undoubtedly enriching, we are in a transition stage, less complex than those of other companies, but where the CEE sessions definitely helped us define the roadmap towards where we should aim and what the steps are to get there, As you can see, we have made considerable progress along those lines in the short term"
Cristhian Villalobos - AWS Business Development Architect from NW Consulting Services (Costa Rica)


"As we are a commercial company, the idea would be to strengthen the pre-sales or sales area with the CEE to package solutions or in some way to sell migration services. The message from the CEE was clear. I would say that we are going to focus on two or three services. Something no less important that we have not mentioned is that a large percentage of our clients are from the government sector, it is a client that buys consulting, and there is a lot to migrate, to digitize, there is a lot to do. It is up to us to review the CEE to have all the services very well structured, managed and trained to be able to value our solutions"
Óscar Gomez - Sales Manager of Ram&Mar (Peru)


"The idea is to start the CEE with an existing pilot project of SAP workload migration to AWS, which is something very involved with our business. In the end, it is much more practical to have something concrete in which Rodrigo will be accompanying this implementation, so there you see the specific case where both, theory and practice are applied. We can start CEE at this moment with this scenario. We have a very interesting scenario because the client takes part of its ERP to AWS, the other part is kept on-premises. S/HANA moves to AWS and ECC remains on-premises"
Manuel Pineda - Director Foundational Solutions of Neoris (Colombia)


"It was interesting. The leader of all this is Oscar and I am going to validate the topic with him. I am going to share this new approach with him and if there are concerns, we will ask you for a new session later. I am also going to involve the person in charge of the entire technical area, and I will tell you if they also have concerns, but so far, we think the program is very good"
Carolina Sandoval - sales analyst of PWC (Colombia)


"The cool aspect of the workshop is that everything is put together, that is, in the end this information could be found in a year or two years of studying, but when everything is put together in the CEE workshop, you dedicate yourself to follow the guidance. We have the advantage that we worked with a certified partner who had a lot of experience and we have replicated their experience, for example, with everything well-architected, adoption of AWS Organizations to manage separate accounts. We already had a knowledge base"
Noel Hidalgo - CTO da Latin America Mobile (El Salvador)


"There are two points of the CEE. The first is a company that is adopting to transform its IT organization from an on-premises model to the cloud. On-premises concepts with cloud concepts change radically. You have a generation that does not move to the new and is left behind, so there is a consulting opportunity on how to lead the organization to become mature and able to develop and have control of its digital transformation to the cloud. From the internal point of view of Dataworks, therefore, there is a portion that we adopt within what is our policy as such, but in the services we offer, we see that within the CEE methodology there is a margin of opportunities that we as consultants we can put into our way of working and leverage on this topic, seems super positive to me"
Fernis Bulmez - Director of Dataworks (Puerto Rico)


"I believe that the CEE is more than anything in the structure in how we are being formed and how we are compatible to, let's say, reach AWS with clients; how to communicate certain things, for example through marketing; how we are going to communicate certain topics and in the sales part also through pre-sales services; how we are structured and shape it so that AWS also knows us and sees how we are structured in a certain way; how we are going to offer our services during a demand generation engine calendar, post it there on the page that we are going to accommodate it as well"
Sandra Pacheco - Sales and Marketing Manager - BWIT (Peru)


"This workshop has provided us with a lot of information and now we need to form the team to complete the first pillar. I believe that this is my mission now to carry out this idea by seeking personal development in a more correct way at the organizational level and then work on each of the six pillars. It seems super important and necessary to me to manage this method provided by AWS to become successful with the services. We have sincerely been very lucky in obtaining important clients and acquiring the experience of the CEE is going to help us a little more with the route of services"
Ricardo Azofeita - Cloud Consultant - PC Central (Costa Rica)


"The workshop added a lot of value, especially in terms of structuring the team and developing pilot projects. It was very valuable, full of content, it was very well presented"
Alex Borges Braga - Artificial Intelligence Analyst - Instituto Euvaldo Lodi (Brazil)


"When we started developing our partnership with AWS, we invested quite some time with the Partner Network. This investment happens in daily actions, in order to guide and accelerate the journey that we will have ahead in the construction of cloud-based services and solutions. In this context, the CEE Workshop was fundamental, not only to understand the path already trodden, but also to analyze and define the next steps in consolidating our partnership with AWS"

Rodrigo Diego Binda - Management support of Cast Group (Brazil)

"I would like to thank the CEE Workshop we had. It was important to have an overview of the steps and areas that should be involved in the implementation process. Certainly, the implementation will be part of our growth strategy as AWS partner"
Ricardo Vinicius de Godoi - Sales director of Compwire (Brazil)

"The workshop was very well explained. The information was presented in a coherent and organized manner. The presenter demonstrated knowledge on the subject."
Jonathan Acevedo - CEO of Citriom (Puerto Rico)

"I would like to thank the team that organized the CEE workshop for the excellent experience I had during the event. The workshop was highly informative and provided valuable knowledge and insights on the latest trends in cloud engineering and best practices in AWS. It demonstrated a deep knowledge on the subject and all questions were answered. Furthermore, the interactive session and practical examples further enriched my understanding and provided me with tools that I can apply in my daily work. I am very satisfied with my experience in the workshop and I would recommend it to anyone interested in improving their skills and knowledge regarding cloud and AWS architecture. I look forward to future learning and collaboration opportunities with the team behind this workshop."
Agustina D'Amico - AWS Alliance Manager from EUDA (Argentina)

"The CEE workshop has positively propelled DNX's organizational initiatives. With a more efficient structure, we are ready to debut as a Premier Consulting Partner, a recent achievement that opens doors for us in the public sector. We firmly believe that we can contribute to efficient public policies through technology. We express our sincere gratitude to AWS and Advance Consulting for their constant support. The timing couldn't be better"

Camila Moura current member of Cloud Enablement Engine at Dnx Brasil

"The CEE workshop has highlighted the importance of structuring our company with multidisciplinary teams for us to achieve the operational and cultural changes and to succeed in the cloud business together with the AWS. We have already started our cadence with all the company leaders to build our cloud business. The impact of this initiative is enormous, and undoubtedly the insights were valuable"

Hermenegildo Cavalcanti - Director of Taking (Brazil)


"I believe that everything that was shared with us during the workshop will be fundamental to our development. We are on an initial journey with AWS and aim to evolve together, expanding our offerings for our customers and seeking greater market space. We have already begun to train our team through certifications, but with the vision provided by CEE, we will be able to organize and further accelerate our initiatives. I would like to thank you for today's workshop, it was very valuable for us"

Rafael Capua - Delivery Director of Jump Label Solutions (Brazil)


"I found the form and content of the presentation to be excellent. I think the workshop fits very well with what we are planning for our growth. Having the support of Dagoberto and AWS in this evolution is fundamental to the success of our company and of us as professionals"

Fabio Yoshika - Commercial Director of NextPage (Brazil)


"I found the workshop very valuable, showing how we should transition from being a customer to becoming an AWS partner, and how to structure our company to do this work efficiently and aligned with expectations and standards required by AWS. The structure of the training is very good, with important content to implement safely in our company"

Felipe Augusto - Technical Director of NextPage (Brazil)


"The workshop was important to answer some of the questions and troubles we had. The content was easy to absorb. It was a simple and effective way to pass on the information. Perfect"

Maurício Yoshika - Chief Operating Officer of NextPage (Brazil)


"Many customers recognize the importance of the cloud, but report having spent much more money than planned. It is necessary to have a proactive vision and bring to the client the idea that the company is much more mature and can help to control the cloud operation in a sophisticated way. In general, it is necessary to see opportunities in the midst of challenges and always be willing to adapt to meet the needs of projects and clients"

Antonio Carlos Canova - Strategic Partner Manager of Math Group (Brazil)

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