Testimonials from some of our consulting customers from the AWS PTP (Partner Transformation Program)

"We at Cloud and Things appreciate and thank AWS for coming up with such great program (PTP) and bringing great partner ADVANCE to facilitate and drive the outcome for the program. Working thru PTP program provided very much needed insight that some time gets ignored, delayed or don’t get enough attention. We accomplished a lot within this 100 days which would have taken much longer if this focused program were not put in place. We are looking for great opportunity for our business as an outcome of this program. Also want to thank ADVANCE to work around our schedule and their local time zone and providing that flexibility to keep the program moving"

Kishor Bagul - CEO of Cloud and Things (New York - USA)


"As an organization we are very pleased to have invested in the Partner Transformation Program. Today we have a very clear vision of where we want to go and the plan to execute that vision. It was a pleasure and a great challenge to work with ADVANCE and the AWS team, their professionalism made from the program a very enriching process. I strongly recommend this program to all the partners that want to start their journey to the cloud and find the business model that best fits to their organization"

Agustín Vilches - Director of EXANET (Argentina)

"The consultancy services provided by Advance Consulting, within the AWS Partner Transformation Program (PTP), were an important tool to accelerate the business development of our organization, providing managers with important insights on addressing growth challenges in a highly competitive environment"

Wagner Andrade - CEO of dataRain (Brazil)

"PTP was a milestone for Darede, in a few months we achieved more than 30 certifications, our first competency (and the second already submitted), but the greatest learning was the transformation about how we positioned ourselves in the market, and the level of maturity brought to various processes and business areas. Special thanks to the PDMs, Luis Pinto and ADVANCE's staff who have helped us a lot so far"

Flávio Rescia - founder of DAREDE (Brazil)

"We appreciate Advance's support, care, and commitment in this business transformation consultancy to meet the AWS business model!  The result was really very satisfying and rewarding with our AWS upgrade to Select and Public Sector Partner"

Adriano Pimentel Lemos - Director of AX4B (Brazil)

"Wikinet were extremely pleased with the opportunity given by AWS in partnership with ADVANCE Consulting to participate in the PTP (Partner Transformation Program). The transformation program started with an assessment of the company, which is quite uneasy, but we were open to criticism about our entire structure and we were opened to modify and adjust processes, strategies and plans. The PTP is quite dynamic. The PTP demands participation from executives and team, discipline, and integration between areas and people, to achieve the desired success in the program. We learned a lot about the AWS ecosystem, programs and benefits for customers and partners. The program helped us"

Simone Rodrigues - Director of Wikinet (Brazil)

"The experience of participating in the partner transformation program (PTP) was extremely important in the development of our business, providing us with great commercial and technical maturity in a very short period of time. ADVANCE, together with the AWS Public Sector team, has helped us improve our market vision and shown us the best paths to sustainable and perpetual growth by changing the way we position ourselves in the cloud consulting market"

Diogo Dantas - Director of Veezor (Brazil)

"Nublify is very grateful to have participated in the AWS Partner Transformation Program (PTP) and rely on the sensational consulting services provided by Advance Consulting. The program addresses several important aspects of the company and helped Nublify to perform a work that is extraordinarily complex: self-analysis. We have identified how to accelerate our growth, develop all the skills necessary to increase sales and grow within the AWS partnership program.  Special thanks to Luis Pinto our mentor in the program and to our PDM, Giovana Gaspar. I thank the AWS team for their involvement and presentations to our technical and sales team"

Fabio Lucinari - CEO of Nublify (Brazil)

"The AWS PTP program was very productive. We have been able to define a commercial acceleration strategy for the Cloud business and we have established very important business partnerships in RIS and PACS areas. We implemented CCoE, trained and certified the team, and earned the Advanced Tier seal. We thank ADVANCE and Giovana Deike for their support"

Alex Assis - CEO of KXC Tecnologia (Brazil)

"The PTP program gave us excellent business insights and drivers on how to work more effectively with AWS. The work was conducted very well by Advance Consulting and the AWS team, ensuring the immersion and absorption of content by the entire ST IT team. The activities performed during the program were very enriching for the technical and commercial teams. Many thanks to Jorge Moukarzel and Dagoberto Hajjar for this experience and for all the competence in passing on knowledge"

Maurício Carvalho - CEO of ST IT (Brazil)

"The experience of participating in the PTP program was challenging but with great rewards. We validated concepts and actions that we were already doing correctly, learned a lot about positioning and strategy, and above all, we placed our team on another level of knowledge in AWS, from sales to technical teams. We had very noticeable gains, both from increasing the number of certified professionals and from increasing the number of opportunities.

Special thanks to our PDM Giovana, the entire Public Sector Brazil team at AWS, and the Advance Consulting team. It really was a journey of partnership and valuable knowledge transfer"

Sérgio Leandro - CEO of OST Tecnologia (Brazil)

"Valcann's participation in the PTP program was essential in consolidating our strategy, not only as an AWS partner, but as a technology business. The experience of consultants Dagoberto Hajjar and Jorge Moukarzel in the market in which we operate, their knowledge of the programs and development trajectory with AWS were essential to help us build an objective, practical and, above all, a results oriented strategy. Likewise, AWS support in the process was great. We were accompanied throughout the program by PDM Giovana Gaspar, who was always present and willing to support us when there was a demand that directly involved AWS. So, the sense of collaboration throughout the project was essential to make the work successful"

Carlos Diego Cavalcanti Pereira - CEO of Valcann (Brazil)

"We thank AWS for the opportunity to grow in the partnership through the Partner Transformation Program (PTP). The initiative brought the acceleration of some necessary processes that would take much more time of our company and teams, considering the learning curve that we would have if we had to do it on our own. The mentoring work done by AWS, in partnership with ADVANCE, brought the right cadence so that these gaps were filled with the knowledge and necessary skills for our development and the strengthening of our purpose in this partnership which is "to offer much more than machines, but your business in the cloud."
Rinaldo Accioly - Head of Marketing and Sales of HEPTA (Brazil)